An introduction to the Hauptcee Haupt 2023 art project

I (Craig) had submitted art to a small Instagram online/print art magazine and was accepted. Of course, I ordered a print copy. The four images, Biography, and Artist statement all looked good in the magazine's two-page spread. But ahh, there had been a mishap.

My name was reversed and minus the ‘L’; rather than being Craig L Haupt, I was now Haupt Craig!

While addressing this name snafu with humor to close friends, comments ranged from theorizing that my new name sounded like a German or Dutch Renaissance artist to progressively sillier takes, finally culminating with my announcing I was now Haupt C. -- or the final version -- Hauptcee Haupt.

With a new oil painting in the works, then why not have a slight bit more fun and sign the finished painting ‘Hauptcee’. That seemed like a simple progression.

Running parallel to this name game, I signed up for a Solo Art exhibit to be held a year later. With this Hauptcee painting in progress, then why not be 'Hauptcee' for a year and this next long-range Body of work/series of paintings for the solo exhibit could all be painted and signed by this fictitious Hauptcee Haupt. It would now be Hauptcee Haupt’s Solo Art Exhibit.

Adding to the mix, I film, edit, and post a YouTube video ‘Art Stuff’ diary series built around all the art projects I have been and currently involved in. So, I decided to roll with this tongue-in-cheek charade, and I have introduced Hauptcee Haupt as my 'fourth fictitious twin brother' into the video episodes. ‘Fourth’ as three previous fictitious twin brothers have already been featured in earlier selected video episodes.

So, my next solo art show, November 2, 2023, will feature eight to ten new oil paintings with the moniker of Hauptcee Haupt. This artwork project will be the only paintings Hauptcee Haupt will produce. After his year of fame as an artiste, he'll return to his fictitious family in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and continue working in his trade as a plumber and part time Librarian.

All this to make you aware of what this ‘Hauptcee Haupt’ page on the website, future YouTube videos, and social media postings over the next year pertaining to ‘Hauptcee Haupt’ are all about.

Thanks for reading and future viewing as I post each of Hauptcee Haupt’s paintings to this page as they are finished over the course of this next year!






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